Swimming Pool Water Delivery in Ottawa

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to any yard or property, especially in the summertime. Filling your swimming pool yourself can leave you waiting and waiting for what feels like forever for your pool to fill up.


Let the pros with the resources fill it up for you so you can jump straight into the pool. Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc offers swimming pool water delivery, for Ottawa area homeowners, so you can quickly start enjoying your swimming pool. Call us for help filling your swimming pool today!


Why Choose Russ Keenan to Fill Your Pool?


For over 40 years, the Keenan family has been transporting safe, potable water to Ottawa area residents in bulk.  The water we use in our hot tub and pool delivery services adheres to all bulk water guidelines set forth by the Ontario Health Departments drinking water haulage guidance document.

No matter where your pool is situated or how much water it holds, we can meet your needs to ensure that your pool is full and ready to use in no time.


We aim to make this convenient process available to anyone, not just large corporations, or hotel chains. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to call us to get your pool filled and ready for summer.  


What You Can Expect from Us


When you call and book our pool filling services for your pool or hot tub, we will be there promptly at the appointed time. With our large water haulage tanks, we can fill your pool in less than half the time it would take the average homeowner to fill an average swimming pool with a normal hose.


To book our swimming pool water delivery and filling services, fill out our online enquiry form or call (613) 822-4733.