Committed to Supplying You With Clean Fresh Water in Bulk

Ottawa Pool Water Delivery

Bulk Water for your pool or hot tub in the Ottawa area. Same-day service available.
Let us fill your pool or hot tub faster and typically cheaper than from your tap.

Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc

Bulk Water Delivery, Haulage, and Supply

Did you know it typically costs less to have bulk water delivered than filling from your tap?
Russ Keenan provides fast, reliable, and economical bulk water delivery for:

Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc
  • Swimming pools

  • Hot tubs and spas

  • Emergency response for cities/municipalities/facilities (water main breaks etc.)

  • Ice rinks

  • Street/Parking lot flushing

Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc
  • Water for firefighting storage tanks

  • Water supply for contractors

  • Landscape

  • Environmental

  • Construction, concrete

  • Road building/paving

Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc
  • Drilling

  • Engineering

  • Trade show/Event

  • Pipeline

  • Water haulage for all purposes

Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc

Special Event Water Service

We provide bulk water for festivals, sporting events, or venues requiring clean, cold water.
Need portable on-site water dispensers or misting tents?

General Trucking

Russ Keenan can haul your trailers on a regular schedule or provide one-time or on-demand service.

Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc

Ottawa Bulk Water Tanker Rental

Russ Keenan Enterprises Inc. rents bulk water storage tanks with volumes ranging from 1,000 litres to 35,000 litres. We can also supply pumping equipment, hose, and specialized fittings upon request.